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Benjy's 2003 Yamaha R6 (Sold)

more pics below in the gallery

The decision
When I decided to upgrade from my FZR400, I wanted something that handled well and was as light as possible (what I loved about the fizzer), but had more power in the lower RPM range and was fuel injected (things I wanted to upgrade from the fizzer).  I knew my limits and a 600 would be all the bigger I would go at this point, so I had a good selection with the R6, CBR600, and the ZX6R all being re-designed in 2003.  After reading the reviews, the R6 was the lightest both dry and wet, and in most of the competitions was rated the best handling.  I was happy with Yamaha's work on the fizzer, so I was sold.    

And with Yamaha practically giving away bikes with their financing right now, I couldn't say no to a brand new bike! :p  The 2003 R6 is (arguably) the best 600cc sportbike in the world, with 90% of the bike being new for 2003.  See any motorcycle magazine for a review of it, it's usually fighting the new Honda CBR 600RR for first in all of the tests (but the R6 looks much better!).  Check out the specs here at Yamaha's website.

The Gallery.... click pic to enlarge

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